Gahan Joughin 

BA, MA(Hons),
Registered Clinical Psychologist

Gahan completed a post graduate Diploma of Clinical Psychology at the University of Canterbury in 2005. He was employed as a registered clinical psychologist in the criminal justice sector for ten years with the Department of Corrections, and entered full time private practice in 2015.

His work encompasses assessment, intervention and report writing for the criminal justice sector, individual assessment and intervention for clients with harmful or illegal behaviour problems, systemic and individual interventions for brain injured and physically disabled individuals, couples work, and assessment and intervention for clients struggling with a range of mental health challenges.

Gahan works with a wide range of clients from diverse backgrounds, and his practice is strongly based around an evidence-based approach of forming a strong therapeutic bond with each client based on respect, trust, compassion, and a non-judgemental stance. He bases his practice on firstly assisting clients to develop a sound understanding of themselves and their difficulties, and secondly, supporting them to implement useful strategies, skills and supports to assist in working through these difficulties.

Gahan uses aspects of cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), schema therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy, mindfulness and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), and the relationship therapy approach of renowned couples therapists Drs John and Julie Gottman, to assist his clients.

Meredith Standing

BA(Soc.Sci), GradDipTchLn,
MA Arts Therapy (Distinction)

Meredith began her career working in the criminal justice sector after completing a Masters of Arts in Art Therapy in 2008. She has been involved with a range of services connected with the justice sector predominantly delivering programmes utilising either cognitive behavioural therapy and/or schema therapy. She has delivered training for the Department of Corrections staff both regionally and nationally and was asked to assist on a range of projects to build capacity, effectiveness and capability into existing therapeutic teams connected with different parts of the service.

Much of the therapeutic practice Meredith has delivered over the years has been working alongside individuals who have experienced challenges associated with addictive behaviours, family violence, relationships issues and concerning sexual behaviour. She has worked with families, couples and groups in addition to individual therapeutic work.

Meredith has a particular interest in the role of motivation in changing unhelpful behaviour patterns. She has worked with clients over the past fourteen years, assisting them to learn the theory of motivation and stages of change, the benefits of active insight, and how to implement specific and measurable plans for healthy, sustainable behaviour change. She has applied these principles in her work with a broad range of clients who have been eager to change aspects of their current lifestyles.

Particular issues that she has assisted with have included: exercise and nutritional behaviour change, shifting unhelpful relationship patterns, a range of addictive behaviours, forensic behaviour issues, and assisting individuals, couples and whanau to develop and maintain new family relationship dynamics.